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Fun Food Friday

The LAST Fun Food Friday of this school year will be on Friday, April 5th.  The deadline to pre-order food (pizza and Chick fil-A sandwiches) is Tuesday, April 2nd at 11:59pm. Here is some helpful information regarding Fun Food Friday:

  • There will be NO SALE of Chick fil-A or Pizza on the day of Fun Food Friday however, Candy, Drinks and Chips will be available for CASH only!

  • Students who are members of the Adams PTSA will receive a FAST PASS. Those with a fast pass will be able to get in line first. The student must be a member by April 2nd to qualify for a fast pass at this Fun Food Friday. If you would like to sign up your student to be a member of the PTSA please visit

  • Once the student is a member, they will receive a fast pass at each future Fun Food Friday. Don’t know if your student is a member? No problem, just email:

  • .We are looking for donations for Candy and Drinks. Parents click on the donations button below and send the donations directly to the school or drop them off.     

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