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Tickets available now for $35

Ticket price includes entry into the celebration, food, and drinks.  Tickets sales close April 30.  Don't miss getting your ticket to dancing, table games, dessert buffet, photo booth, and so much more.



Please help us make the evening special by providing a “Now and Then” photo of your 8th Grader.  These photos will be showcased throughout the 8th Grade Celebration.  You can submit one "then" photo and one "now" photo of your 8th grader to  Please include your child's first and last name, as you would like it displayed in the slideshow, in the subject line of the email.  


Photos must be submitted by no later than April 21, 2023 to be included.



NOTE: Your child does not need to purchase a ticket to participate in the Now & Then Slideshow.  We want to highlight ALL our 8th Graders.  If they cannot attend in person, they are with us in spirit. 

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