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Save the Date...ticket sales for the 8th Grade Celebration go on sale on March 1st.

8th Grade Baby Photos

The 8th Grade Celebration Committee is preparing for the "Then & Now" 8th Grade Photo Project. We are collecting BABY-KINDER PHOTOS ONLY. Please submit ONE photo. Higher resolution photos please (approx. 300 DPI or 1.27 MB or higher).

We will use the photos on the Then & Now Wall in the school and in a Slideshow that will be shown at the 8th Grade Celebration. The “Now” photo used will be the current school photo which we already have ready to go.  

We encourage ALL 8th graders to participate by sending in ONE baby photo.

Questions? Anna at

DEADLINE: FEB. 29, 2024

To submit your photo, please click on the submit photo link.

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