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Three Apps Must Have

Katy ISD has launched several new apps and online resource aimed at providing a convenient and easier way to manage services offered by the District.

Get to know them here:

Speak Up - SpeakUP is an anonymous reporting system that enables Katy ISD students, parents, and community members to anonymously submit safety and well-being tips to help prevent school related incidents that could cause harm to others.

Tips may include bullying, weapons, suicide or self-harm, illicit drug use, inappropriate relationships, violence, and other concerns for safety and well-being. In addition to submitting anonymous and secure tips, users can upload video and photo evidence. All tips are thoroughly investigated by campus personnel, police and or/or a crisis management team.

Get to know more here

Edulog Lite – a school bus tracking app that monitors the location of buses as they travel their route across Katy ISD boundaries. This is done through Global Position Systems (GPS) hardware installed in each Katy ISD bus. By using the app, parents will now be able to see how close their child's bus is to its designated before, or after, school stop, as well as track the bus while it is in route. Parents can obtain additional information by visiting the Katy ISD Transportation Department website

A+ Pay N' Go – an online web store, provides a convenient way for parents to make payments for cafeteria meals, activity fees and a variety of other campus and district-related services. Best of all, there are no transaction fees and the system accepts credit cards and eChecks.

Both resources are available this week. Parents of eligible bus riders will receive a school bus code from their campus by the first week of school that will enable them to use the Edulog Lite app. That app is available through the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. For the new online web store, visit the Katy ISD A+ Pay N' Go website.

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